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This guide presents a selection of digital tools that you can use in your studies. We provide a selection of tools that we have tested and recommend but there are of course many excellent tools that are not included. These tools can be seen as a complement to the learning platform (MyMoodle) where all your course communication takes place. All tools here are free to use in their basic format but if you want more features and security then there is normally also a Pro version that you have to pay for. Please contact us if you would like to recommend one for inclusion. 

Please note: These tools are not supported by the university. They are for personal use and to collaborate with your colleagues. If you have problems with any tools you should contact the relevant company or refer to online discussion forums.

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Smarter collaboration

Learning involves collaboration and interaction, through group work, projects, field work etc. Today there are many user-friendly and effective tools that make it easy to collaborate both on campus and online. Here you will find a selection of digital tools and services that you can use in your studies.

This guide consists of a number of categories (tabs above) with the following titles:

  • Collaborative writing
    Write together on the same document and all changes are automatically saved and tracked. Great for project work, dissertations, lesson notes etc. when you need to get input from many in one document. 

  • Shared workspace
    A workspace on a web page where everyone with the link can contribute. Everyone can write, draw, uploads films, photos, diagrams, links etc. Everything saved in one place and accessible for all. 

  • Curate
    Collect links to articles, lectures, films, slideshows in one place. Suitable for collecting material for a project or dissertation. 

  • Plan
    Tools for convenient project planning. Create action plans, common calendar, to-do lists, deadlines etc. 

  • News gathering
    Monitor what's going on in your field and gather all your news feeds in one place. 

  • Screencasting
    Record short instruction films, own reflections, presentations. All you need is a laptop/tablet and headset. 

  • Network
    Build a contact network for your future career. 

  • E-meetings
    Video and audio web-conferencing.

  • Research
    Tools for your research work. Collecting references, links, citations as well as specialist communities to join.

  • Mindmapping
    Create collaborative mindmaps with your colleagues, including video, images, graphics.

  • Presentations
    More than just PowerPoint!

  • Publish
    Tools to help you publish your own magazines and e-books.

  • Surveys and forms
    Create questionnaires, registration forms and feedback forms.


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