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Terotechnology: Write & Evaluate

The Academic Studies Workshop and

Welcome to the Academic Studies Workshop! In the Academic Studies Workshop we provide advice and guidance in academic writing for students and postgraduate, doctoral candidates. If you want to make an appointment for more comprehensive supervision, please contact us via the link below.

Book text tutoring was created to support students in their academic writing. Here you will find practical advice on the writing process, how to manage sources and references, and how to publish your thesis. The following universities and libraries develop this website in collaboration: Blekinge Institute of Technology, Kristianstad University, Linnaeus University and Umeå University. Please, follow the link below!


Six features of the scholarly journal article

Scientific articles can be structured in different ways according to subject, method and the type of article. A scientific original article usually consists of the following elements:

  • Abstract – a short summary of the article
  • Introduction – background information, aim and problem statements
  • Methodology – so that the reader can follow and repeat the research process
  • Result - presentation of the research results
  • Discussion – interpretation and evaluation of the results. Conclusions and relation to previous research
  • References - all documents that the author has referred to must be listed here

Scholarly journal articles - the three most common types

Original articles where the author presents empirical studies and for the first time describes the results of research work.

Review articles are critical reviews of previously published studies.

Theoretical articles aim at developing new theories from existing research.

Guides & tutorials about scholarly information

What is peer review?

A scientific journal has a council of referees consisting of experienced researchers within the journal’s field.

These experts review the submitted articles and assess their quality, both scientifically and according to content.

They decide if the article is to be published directly, should be amended or refused.

This process is known as peer review and the aim is to ensure scientific quality.

Check the journal's status in Ulrichsweb

In the database Ulrichsweb you can search for a journal to see if it contains peer reviewed articles.

Scientifically reviewed journals have the symbol Refereed in the database. Remember that the information peer reviewed or refereed refers to the journal and does not guarantee that all articles in the journal are scientific.