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Smarter collaboration: Surveys and forms

Surveys and forms

Do you want to carry out a survey, create a form or a registration form for an event. There are many good tools for creating attractive and professional surveys. The ones shown here are free but in most cases you have to pay to unlock more advanced features.

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Bild: CC BY Some rights reserved by plings

Google Forms

Google Forms is a feature of Google Drive and all you need is a Google account to get started. You have many templates to choose between and can quickly create a professional questionnaire or registration form. All replies are then collected in a Google spreadsheet that you can then export for further analysis. As with all other Google Drive tools you decide who can view, comment or edit your forms.

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AnswerGarden is a simple and effective tool for brainstorming ideas and for word association. You can ask a question and gather in short answers or key words that are then compiled in a word cloud, with the most common words larger than less common ones. Can also be used together with the word cloud tool Wordle to create attractive clouds from your discussion.

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Mentimeter helps you to gather ideas, ask questions and do quick surveys, usually in a classroom or conference. You can write different types of question (multiple choice, free text, key words etc) and the participants answer, usually using their mobiles or tablets (go to and key in a 6-digit code). You can then show all the answers that come in in real time on your screen and the result can be a word cloud, a diagram or a list.

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SurveyMonkey is a popular and versatile tool and the free version allows you to create surveys with up to 10 questions and receive answers from up to 400 respondents. There are many templates and you can easily export the results. The pay version has of course more features. 

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Tricider is a simple and effective tool to prepare for more effective meetings or seminars. You post a question and send the link to your colleagues. They can all add answers to that question, provide advantages and disadvantages to each suggestion and vote on the best ones. Then when you actually meet the main issues have already been identified and you can use the meeting time for deeper discussions.

Useful for:

  • Prepare a meeting or seminar by activating the participants in advance
  • Brainstorm ideas for a project or event
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of a proposal 

Here is a short introduction film.