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Smarter collaboration: Mindmapping


Mind-mapping vector 2 by gw225, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by gw225 on Flickr

Mindmaps are a great way to organise your notes or plan a presentation or essay. Here are some tools that help you create and share mindmaps.


Coggle is a free mindmapping tool that is easy to use and you can quickly start creating mindmaps with different structures and colours. You can easily drag and drop images into your mindmap and all versions are automatically saved so you never lose anything. You can also share your mindmaps with colleagues or publicly and you can invite colleagues to collaborate on the same mindmap. There is an inexpensive pay version with added features.

Here is a short introduction film.


Popplet is another attractive and versatile tool for creating mindmaps together. Works both as an app on your tablet or simply in your laptop's browser. You can colour-code your diagrams and easily include videos and photos. Easy to invite colleagues to collaborate either as a closed group or publicly.

Here is a short introduction film.


Mindmeister is also a collaborative mindmapping tool with more features than Coggle but theses are only available in the pay versions. The free version is very limited but gives you a taste of what the tool can do. Works on all devices.

Here is a short introduction film.