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Smarter collaboration: Research

Tools for research

I like to organize my research as a way by petit hiboux, on Flickr
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Global networks for researchers and tools to help you organise your references. The tools presented in the other sections in this guide are also very relevant for researchers but this section presents tools that are specifically for research.

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Reference tools

EndNote Web

EndNote Basic is a web based refererence management tool that is available to all students and employees at the Linnaes university. With this tool you can save your references to books and articles. When you write your Word document you can simply collect your references from EndNote Web and create a reference list that can be formatted the way you choose.


Mendeley is a tool for storing and cataloging references and saved articles. There is also a social networking feature that allows you to share research reports, discover research data and collaborate with other researchers online.

Here's a short introduction film.


Zotero is an alternative to Mendeley for collecting and sorting references, links, quotes, images and articles. You can work online or download Zotero and work offline. Once you come online again Zotero will synchronise everything you have added. You can share your collection or keep it private.

Here's a short introduction film.



ResearchGate is a community, website and search engine aimed at researchers in all disciplines. Over 6 million researchers are members with medicine and biology as the most common specialities.

  • Create a profile presenting yourself and your research 
  • Present your publications and research projects in fulltext. 
  • Ad your contacts and find potential partners by searching the database for researchers in your field 
  • Create and participate in discussion groups (open or closed)
  • ResearchGate also offers search functions, file transfer, sharing of publication databases (eg Endnote library) 
  • Create your own blog in ResearchGate

Here's a short introduction film. is a global community aimed at academics and researchers in all disciplines. Today (2015) there are around 18 million members. Services include publication of articles via Scribd and associated statistics, news feed subscriptions and the opportunity to ask experts.

Here's a short introduction film.