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Smarter collaboration: Plan


CC BY Some rights reserved by rmlowe
CC BY Some rights reserved by rmlowe

User-friendly tools for project planning. Create action plans, schedules, common calendars, to-do lists and delegate responsibilities in your project. Tools are free but have pay-versions with more features and greater security. 

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Trello is an easy-to-use project planning tool that allows you to organise activities, set deadlines, delegate responsibilities and discuss activities. All project activities can be coordinated from Trello and members can comment on all posts. Internal discussion can take place here avoiding filling your e-mail inboxes. Reminders can also be sent for important activities. 

Useful for:

  • Organising a project, group assignment, work experience or other planning process 
  • Organise your own time

Here's a short introduction film.


Ayoa visualises your tasks or a group's tasks in an attractive manner, showing how far each task has come, what deadlines are approaching and related discussions. It also features a mindmapping function and you can combine project-planning with mindmapping. You can use it for your own planning or for a project. Works on all devices. 

Useful for:

  • Project planning.
  • Collaborative brainstorming.

Watch a short introduction film.