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Terotechnology: Search Tips

Search and writing help

Do you need help with your information retrieval or do you have problem with your essays? We offer you a couple of good services.

Search and evaluate -  Tips to help you search for, evaluate and use information effectively

Book a librarian - Do you need help with information retrieval? If you are a student, researcher or member of staff at Linnaeus University you can book time with your subject librarian

Refero - Short Web course that teaches you how to avoid plagiarism by referencing correctly

The Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre provide advice and guidance in academic writing for students and postgraduate, doctoral candidates. Below are some of the most frequently discussed issues:

  • How should I structure my text?
  • Is the formality level of my text adequate?
  • How can I express myself more clearly?
  • How do I cite and refer to secondary sources correctly?

For contact details and opening hours click on the link above.

Writing references

A reference contains information about the original source that makes it easy to access. Different disciplines use different reference systems that stipulate how the references are to be written in text notes and bibliography. Read more about references.


Refero - an Anti-plagiarism Tutorial